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Play Longer Spray | Xylocaine Spray

Play Longer Spray | Xylocaine Spray

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This spray helps to lead a pleasing sexual life. The application of this spray gives you extreme happiness and pleasure by treating premature ejaculation, an uncontrolled ejaculation either before or shortly after sexual penetration which results in unsatisfactory sex for both partners and also erectile dysfunction (impotency) in men. This medicine acts by enhancing the ejaculation time by increasing the duration of intercourse for extended period of time. This spray is free from any pungent odor and also non- toxic in nature. It can be use for lubrication of skin with its negligible harmful effects. It is available at cheap price which make it easy to buy.

This Spray consists of Lidocaine generally numbs the useful area so that the skin nerves will not be able to send pain signals to the brain and also increase the time of ejaculation during a sexual session by minimizing the senstivity of responsible area towards sensual stimulation which are affecting any of the senses or sense organs. This spray is applied on the tip of the male penile part by carefully maintaining the distance of about 5 to 10 cm.

This Lidocaine formulation basically acts by inhibiting the entry of the sodium ion in the neural cell membrane which is responsible for the transmission of the signal for stimulation, which results in enhancing the sexual activity with a long time effect, helps you to maintain a long time relationship with your partners during the sexual intercourse.


-           3 TO 4 sprays, apply it 5 minutes prior to physical activity.

-          The maximum recommended dose of this spray is 10 sprays for its desired effects.


-          Avoid its application just after ingesting the food.

Side- effects:

-          Skin irritation.

-          Nervousness.

-          Burning of skin.

-          Stomach Upset.


-          Amoxapine.

-          Bupivacaine.

-          Phenelzine


-          Patients with liver disease, epilepsy, painful erection and any heart disease.


-       Store at cool and dry place, protect from sunlight and moisture.


-       Alcohol.

-       Tobacco.


-          Shake the container well before use and Keep away from eyes.

-          STAD-5000 spray is not recommended for males below 18 years of age.

-           Must clean and dry the applied region of skin before its application.

-          Rub it properly after applying to the penis region until it does not get absorb.

-          Handle with care because this may cause irritation in some sensitive parts of the body.

-         Avoid driving or operating any machinery after using Play Longer Spray (Xylocaine spray) as might it can cause dizziness.

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