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Valif 20 MG - Verdenafil Tablets

Valif 20 MG - Verdenafil Tablets

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Valif is one the powerful anti-impotence medications that helps men in overcoming the sensual dilemma of erectile brokenness. Its chief constituent Vardenafil through encouraging the rush of blood towards the erectile tissues in the male genital organ assists sufferer male to gain a sturdy erection which stays for enough duration as well. It is a well-known panacea that by recouping the hardy penile erection in males prevents their soft erection from spoiling their pleasing hours of lovemaking.


Action mechanism of Valif 20mg:                      

Valif (Vardenafil) exhibits its action by obstructing an enzyme PDE-5 which is liable for causing the destruction of cGMP in the male corpus cavernosum. This action of drug outcomes in the accessibility of surplus amount of cGMP which through mounting up in the male private region causes the relaxation and vasodilation of the smooth muscles located in that region. This permits a commensurable blood amount to flow into the penile region, leading an erection to take place naturally.


Dosing regimen of Valif 20mg:

You can start your treatment with the most convenient 20mg dose strength of Valif.  Swallow it via mouth about 60 minutes previously indulging in the expected sensual act with the spouse. It can be engulfed irrespective of the meal except high calories rich meals. Take this medication only when you are sensually aroused else drug action cannot be seen and do not swallow more than solo pill within 24 hours as 1 tablet will be enough to keep you stimulated for 4-6 hours.


Contradictions of Valif 20mg:

Men suffering from medical conditions as like of retinitis pigmentosa, high or low blood pressure, pulmonary artery hypertension, bleeding disorder, kidney or liver ailment, and allergic reactions to Vardenafil need to escape treatment with Valif.


Adverse effects of Valif:

There are some adverse effects that have been reported with the ingestion of Valif such as dizziness, runny or stuffy nose, upset stomach, back pain, flushing, and headache.


Preventive measures to be remembered while relying on Valif therapy:

  • Distance yourself from the consumption of alcohol, junk foods, grapefruits or grape juices.
  • Never try to follow Valif therapy when you are already on any nitrate derivate medication for the treatment of your chest pain or angina.
  • Intake of Valif may cause you to suffer from drowsiness or dizziness, hence always avoid doing attentiveness required task.
  • Never offer this medication to anyone who is underneath 18 years old.

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