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Tramjet 100mg

Tramjet 100mg

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What is Tramjet?

Tramjet is an excessively employing analgesic medication that through exerting its pain relieving action throwaway patient’s complaint of moderate to severe pain. It is a narcotic-like pain reliever medication which through acting in the brain to transform the way your body sense and reply to a pain assists in mitigating the painful sensation successfully. It incorporates generic Tramadol Hydrochloride as its main pharmaceutical agent which has been proven a commendable pain reliever medication in easing pain that fails to be alleviated by other common analgesic medications.


How does Tramjet acts for alleviating pain?

The parent component of Tramjet, Tramadol executes its action by acting as µ-opioid receptor agonist and hampering the re-uptake of the serotonin and nor-epinephrine neurotransmitters. This lessens the size and degree of the pain stimulus transmitting from one nerve to another nerve which in turn curtails the pain perception effectively.


How should you consume Tramjet?

Generally, Tramjet is obtainable in three plausible dose strengths of 50mg, 100mg, and 200mg. Usually, a patient is counseled to swallow a 50-100mg dose via mouth with a gigantic amount of water. It is directed to be taken every 4-6 hours as required for pain relief. It can be consumed irrespective of food but always swallow the medication in a similar manner each time. Never consume Tramjet in a dose beyond its maximum tolerated dose strength of 400mg per day.


When you should not follow Tramjet therapy?

There are some medical conditions in the presence of which you are not supposed to ingest Tramjet medication:

  • Severe asthma or breathing problem
  • A stomach disorder
  • Mental illness
  • Severe kidney or liver impairment
  • Hypersensitivity to Tramadol or to any another ingredient present in it


What are the noxious effects that are associated with Tramjet use?

Tramjet is a well-tolerated analgesic medication however sometimes using it a patient may experience some noxious effects that include diarrhea, constipation, wooziness, a feeling of tiredness, headache, flushing, drowsiness, sweating, nausea, itching, vomiting and stomachache.


What are the safety tips to be kept in mind while using Tramjet?

  • Stop drinking alcohol for the period you will rely on this medication.
  • Do not execute any consciousness demanded task after ingesting Tramjet such as riding a vehicle or machine handling.
  • Do not offer this medication to anyone who is not above than 18 years old.
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women are prohibited to use this remedy.

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