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Symmetrel 100MG Tablets / Amantadine

Symmetrel 100MG Tablets / Amantadine

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Symmetrel 100mg is a most doctors recommended medication with FDA approved tag for the treatment of the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. It is an effective remedy that shows it therapeutic effect by improving the muscle control in patients. It also lessen the muscle rigidity shakiness and tremor.  The Symmetrel also offers treatment against shingles (herpes zoster), to reduce the pain and itching sensation. Enclosing Amantadine as main active compound it can also be utilized for impediment of a certain type of flu (influenza A).


The Mechanism of Action of Symmetrel 100MG Tablets

For Parkinson’s disease management, Amantadine assist in balancing the neurotransmitter Dopamine. It also helps in the stimulation of nor epinephrine response in the brain. For anti-viral action, it obstructs the viral protein, M2 (an ion channel), which is prerequisite for the viral subdivisions to befit "uncoated" once it is taken within the cell by endocytosis.


Doing Plan of the Symmetrel 100MG Tablets -

For the treatment of Parkinson's Disease: Symmetrel 100mg Tablets is accessible in the oral dosage way for the management of Parkinson’s disease. Single Symmetrel 100mg capsule dosage is taken for first 4 weeks. Afterwards patient can enhance the quantity up to 2 Symmetrel 100mg capsule taken per day. In more severe cases, on recommendation  of your doctor you can take 4 capsules per day as well.


For the treatment of shingles (herpes zoster): Ingest 2 capsules (200mg) a day for 14 days. If the pain continues after first 14 days dealing, then an additional 14 days treatment is suggested.


DO NOT take Symmetrel 100mg Tablets in case of underlined contraindications:  

  1. Stomach or small intestine ulcer
  2. Severe renal / hepatic / cardiac impairment
  3. Hypersensitive to generic Amantadine
  4. If you are Pregnancy or breast feeding
  5. Epileptic seizures


Drug Interaction Of Symmetrel 100mg Tablets

Symmetrel 100mg Tablets can intermingle with certain drug and modify the activity of medicine include Aspirin, Clonazepam, Metformin and MAOIs like Phenelzine, Isocarboxazid, Methylene blue injection, Rasagiline, Linezolid, or Selegiline.


Side Effects of Using Symmetrel 100mg Tablets

A patient may experience some harmful effects while relying on the treatment of Symmetrel 100mg such as nervousness, annoyance, lassitude, delusion, slurred speech, indistinct vision, obscurity in concentrating, constipation, dry mouth, insomnia and hammering in appetite.


Essential Precautionary Measure with Symmetrel 100mg Tablets

  • Symmetrel Tablets should be consumed with extreme care in case of some medical history like asthma, heart attack, hormonal disorder and liver or kidney disorder.
  • You should not stop taking this drug suddenly, as it may cause removal symptoms.
  • You should not take alcohol, while using Symmetrel.
  • In breastfeeding and pregnancy, you should use Symmetrel with caution.

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