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Sinemet | Generic Carbidopa and Levodopa

Sinemet | Generic Carbidopa and Levodopa

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Sinemet Tablets are an oral and efficient medication, which effectively control symptoms of Parkinson's disease like muscle tremor and muscle stiffness. It is a combination medication, which rapidly alters the concentration of dopamine in the brain and take care of this disorder.


The Mechanism of Action of Sinemet

Carbidopa and Levodopa two active components of Sinemet Tablets. Carbidopa provides protection to Levodopa or it stop metabolism of Levodopa. Carbidopa normally prevents breakdown of Levodopa before getting to the brain. Levodopa traverse brain barrier and split into dopamine. It also accelerate dopaminergic receptors and take care of symptoms of Parkinson's ailment.


Complete Doing Plan of the Sinemet -

Sinemet Tablets (Carbidopa & Levodopa) is accessible in the oral dosage way. The individual should take this medicine with foodstuff. This prescription is obtainable in two types of ratio, one is 1:4 and an alternative is 1:10 of Carbidopa to Levodopa.

  • In case of 1:4 ratios, the person should take one tablet of this medicine orally typically three times a day. The dose can be augmented depending upon the security and effectiveness of the drug.
  • In case of 1:10 ratio, the person should take one tablets of this remedy vocally three to four times in a day. In this case also continuing increased can be done in dose base on security and competence of this treatment.


Contraindication of Sinemet Tablets

Sinemet Tablets (Carbidopa & Levodopa) is contraindicated in some persons, so they are supposed to not take this medication.

  1. The persons, who are suffering from narrow angle glaucoma, should not take this medicine.
  2. The persons, who are sensitive to to Carbidopa or Levodopa and any other component of this medication, should not use this medicine.
  3. If an person was used MAOIs in past 14 days, then he/she should not use this medicine.


Drug Interaction Of Sinemet Tablets

Sinemet Tablets (Carbidopa & Levodopa) and some other medicine can intermingle with each other. These certain drug modify the activity of this medication. These medicine include Amantadine, Aspirin, Clonazepam, Metformin and MAOIs like Phenelzine, Rasagiline, Linezolid, Isocarboxazid, Methylene blue injection or Selegiline.


Side Effects of Using Sinemet Tablets

Some individual may face some general side effects, after taking this drug like queasiness, sleepiness, flu symptoms, sweat, weakness, and annoyance.


Essential Precautionary Measure with Sinemet (Carbidopa & Levodopa)

  • Sinemet Tablets should be consumed with extreme care in case of some medical history like asthma, heart attack, hormonal disorder and liver or kidney disorder.
  • You should not stop taking this drug suddenly, as it may cause removal symptoms.
  • You should not take alcohol, while using Sinemet Tablets (Carbidopa & Levodopa).
  • In breastfeeding and pregnancy, you should use Sinemet Tablets (Carbidopa & Levodopa) with caution.

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