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Shipping & Return Policy

Medsbuyonline is a well known name for availing best pharmaceutical products. We are determined to facilitate medicines from world’s best pharmaceuticals companies that have global acceptance and important license and approvals. Adding to it, we also pay complete attention and care in choosing safe and fast shipping services for all our orders. This is one of our safeguard in keeping the trust of customers alive with timely delivery of their orders.


For convenience of payment and time of delivery, we have classified our shipping services. Following the finalization of your order and processing of payment, you will receive a tracking number for the freight service working in your location.


Currently we have assorted the Shipping services in following manners –


Overnight Mail shipping

This is one of the fastest manners of receiving your order and it works inside territories. Yes, U.S to U.S and U.K to U.K. order deliveries this manner of shipping can be availed. Our freight partners help in delivering medicine orders within 2 to 5 business days. You can choose this service at $150 flat.


Express Mail shipping

For shipping of orders from U.S to U.S., our shipping partners are giving Express mail services at flat cost of $100. This manner of transportation may take 5 to 7 business days to deliver your order.


Normal Mail shipping

This type of shipping choice is indeed a time taking service but can be availed at comparatively lower price. This is a budget friendly shipping option if your prescription is not urgent as it takes 7 to 12 business days to ship and can be availed at flat $50.


Points to be noted

We pay highest attention to deliver your order at committed date and time. But, in rare incidence due to unavoidable happenings sometimes, we can’t live on our promises. Under those circumstances, our courier partner may fail to deliver results and it may take delay of 2 or more additional delays. We appreciated your patience and understanding in anticipation. We will keep you updated with the latest status of your order, delays possible and expected delivery.


Make sure to re-check the address and contact number columns at the time of filling up information so that possible delays due to wrong address or incomplete delivery address like conditions can be avoided. You should understand that wrong delivery of medicines due to these types of errors is not responsibilities of the company.


Return Policy

Medsbuyonline is a reputable name in providing everyday health medicines for customers at reasonable pricing labels. That’s why you can convenient return your products in following circumstances. Our return policy is applicable in case –


Products mismatch from the order placed – in such wrong delivery of products, you can reach our customer care desk directly and raise your concern. We understand and pay complete care in dispatching right medications but, sometimes these things happens. We appreciate your patience in such conditions and commit to re-ship your order given you furnish details of mismatch products from order at our customer care.


Receiving of tampered and damaged product – if you have received a tampered or damaged package, make sure to take photographs or make recordings of unwrapping. You have to furnish proper evidence of tampered product to our customer help desk in such conditions for initiating the return request. You can get re-shipping date of medicines after following all the necessary procedural steps. Usually, the process of re-ship will start within 3-4 working days.


Wrong or incomplete address – These are cases where our freight partner is unavailable to deliver the order at the given address due to incomplete information or unavailability of addressee. In such cases, your order either will be returned to the warehouse or delivery agent will make another effort on reschedule date.


Order Cancellation

Cancellation of order is allowed. Consumer has to call our customer care to generate cancellation request. However, cancellations are only valid within 24 hours of placing. In case your order is already dispatched, neither cancellation is possible nor did the refund process.


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