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Requip Tablets - Generic Ropinirole

Requip Tablets - Generic Ropinirole

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Requip 0.25mg Tablets is a potent medicine, which is used to administer symptoms of Parkinson's disease such as inflexibility, muscle tremor and trembling. The medication is similar to action of dopamine and provide strong immediate relief against restless legs syndrome.


How it Works?

Requip 0.25mg Tablets is formulated by using generic Ropinirole as main pharmaceutical ingredient. It works as agonist of dopamine receptors and has potential to invigorate receptors of dopamine. It augment the absorption of dopamine in striatum and substantia nigra of the brain. In this manner, it plays critical role in the treatment Parkinson's disease symptoms.


Ideal Prescribed Dosing Regimen for Requip -

Requip tablets is an oral medication. You can use this medication without regards of food.

  1.    For Parkinson's disease -

The starting dose of this medication is one tablet orally, three times in a day. This dose can be increased gradually after an interval of 5 to 7 days.

  1.    For Restless leg syndrome -

One tablet / day dose should be taken orally, about 1 to 3 hours before the bedtime. In this dose further gradual increment is done, which is based on acclimatize of the patient.


Contraindications -

  1. If you are  allergic to Ropinirole
  2. This medication is contraindicated in combination with muscle relaxer, acetaminophen, aspirin, sodium oxybate, sleeping pill, narcotic pain medication and drugs used for anxiety, depression or seizures.
  3. NOT recommended pregnant or breastfeeding mothers.
  4. It is contraindicated with medical issues such as blood pressure disorder, heart diseases and kidney dysfunction.


What Side Effects You May Face?

After taking this medication, you may face some common side effects like sleepiness, feebleness, vomiting, flu symptoms, excessive sweating and headache.


Essential Precautionary Measures to be taken with Requip 0.25mg Tablets -

  1. Requip Tablets should be avoided younger than 18 years of patients.
  2. You should avoid smoking and intake of alcohol.
  3. You should keep this medication at room temperature; away from direct heat and moisture.
  4. Avoid driving and operating machinery that needs proper attention
  5. Avoid Sudden discontinuation.


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