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Remeron is an anti-depressant / mood elevator medication helpful for the treatment of moderate to severe depression. Enclosing generic Mirtazapine it have sedative effect on brain that helps to treat Depression and certain other psychiatric disorders.


Main Therapeutic Categories –

  1. Adrenergic Agents
  2. Anti-depressive Agents, Tricyclic
  3. Psychotropic Drugs
  4. Serotonin Modulators


The Mechanism of Action –

Generic Mirtazapine, it is categorized as a noradrenergic and specific serotonergic antidepressant (NaSSA). It is a powerful antagonist of 5-HT2 and 5-HT3 receptors.  Being an antagonist at central pre-synaptic heteroreceptors and Alpha2-adrenergic inhibitory auto receptors, it increase the central noradrenergic and serotonergic activity that may explain its prominent sedative effects.


Dosing Regimen of Remeron for Depression of various origins –

The medication is commercially available in dosing strength 7.5mg, 15mg and 30mg.  Your doctor may prescribe the right dosage.

  1. Initial dose: 15mg / day
  2. Maintenance dose: 15 to 45mg /  day
  3. Maximum dose: 45mg / day


Mode of administration: Orally at bedtime with good amount of water. Remember to take medication same time each day. Medicine take between 1-4 weeks to notice complete improvement in your health condition.


DO NOT use Remeron in case of underlined Contraindications –

  1. You SHOULD NOT take this medication if you are allergic to Mirtazapine.
  2. DO NOT be on this medication if you are suffering from other medical condition liver or kidney disease; seizures or epilepsy; a history of heart attack; or a history of suicidal thoughts and drug abuse.
  3. NOT approved for pediatric patients.


Attention – In case of Pregnant or Breast Feeding Mothers:

The use of Remeron during pregnancy and breast-feeding can cause potential risk. DO NOT use Remeron if you are pregnant or breast feeding.


Drug Interaction of Remeron -

The medication is known to interact with MAOIs, Tramadol, Linezolid, SSRIs, SNRIs, Lithium and other serotonergic agents. Do not use alongside CNS depressants, alcohol, Erythromycin, Nefazodone, Cimetidine And Warfarin.


Sings of Side Effects –

Remeron can lead up to some side effects which may or may not be due to ill administration of the medication. Some of the commonly occurring side effects are mentioned as under:

  1. Increase in appetite
  2. Oedema
  3. Drowsiness
  4. Headache
  5. Increased liver enzyme levels
  6. Convulsions

Consult your doctor immediately, if any of these symptoms do not go away.


Noteworthy Precautionary Measures to be taken with Remeron –

  • Be careful if you drive or performing any activity that requires mental alertness as it may weaken your response time.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol with Remeron.
  • Avoid Grapefruit or its juice with Remeron.
  • This medication can form addiction, so carefully only on prescription of doctor.


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