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Nuvigil Tablets - Waklert - Armodafinil

Nuvigil Tablets - Waklert - Armodafinil

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Nuvigil is a commendable medication that helps patient in conquering the bothering of extreme sleepiness due to narcolepsy and other sleep disorders. It is a powerful medication that competently boosts wakefulness in patient. It envelops generic Armodafinil as its crucial ingredient which through affecting certain substances in the brain accountable for regulating the sleep/wake cycle encourage patient in staying awake. Owing to its perfect action this medication has been using extensively all over the globe.


Action mechanism of Nuvigil 150mg:

The parent constituent Armodafinil belongs to the category of medications named as eugeroics which are stimulants that affords long-lasting mental stimulation. It depicts its action for arousing the brain via inflating the concentration of dopamine in the brain following coupling with the dopamine transporter and suppressing its reabsorption into the nerves.


Dosing Plan with Nuvigil 150mg:

A dose strength of 150mg Nuvigil is known to be its plausible dose strength.  You have to engulf a single pill of Nuvigil by mouth each morning to counter daytime sleepiness or 1 hour formerly the start of a work shift for managing work-time sleep disorder. It can be utilized on an empty stomach or having a meal. Treatment with Nuvigil usually follows up to 12 weeks.


Conflicting factors with Nuvigil 150mg:

A patient is restricted to consume Nuvigil if any of the underlying medical conditions apply:

  • High blood pressure
  • Mental illness or psychosis
  • Heart disease
  • A heart muscle or valve disorder
  • Hepatic or renal disorder
  • Drug or alcohol dependence
  • Hypersensitivity to Armodafinil


Infuriating effects associated with Nuvigil 150mg:

While following Nuvigil therapy you may like to experience few of its infuriating effects such as nausea, headache, dry mouth, giddiness or insomnia.


Defensive measures to be kept in mind with Nuvigil 150mg therapy:

  •   Anyone below the age of 17 years is barred to utilize this medication.
  •   Avert drinking alcohol as far as you will rely on this medication.
  •   You may feel dizzy after gulping Nuvigil thus escape doing any watchfulness required tasks such as driving or machine handling.
  •   Take physician advice prior using this medication if you are a pregnant or breastfeeding woman.


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