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Deca Durabolin - Nandrolone

Deca Durabolin - Nandrolone

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Deca Durabolin is an injectable anabolic steroid which has become the most illustrious steroid compound of the last few decades, because of its properties of producing great muscle gains and enhancing the immune system. It possesses longer anabolic activity and a lessened androgenic effect. It works amazingly for developing the desired muscle bulk in man while lowering body fat and producing less adverse effects. It stimulates the muscle cells to store more nitrogen in order to get a positive nitrogen balance. It envelops generic Nandrorapid as its chief constituent.


Action mechanism of Deca Durabolin Injection:       

Deca Durabolin (Nandrorapid) is an androgen receptor agonist and demonstrates its action by coupling with the receptor complexes which permits it to get in the nucleus and pairs up directly to specific nucleotide sequences of the chromosomal DNA. The region of binding are known as hormone response elements (HREs), and influence transcription activity of certain genes originating the androgen effects.



Dosing regimen of Deca Durabolin Injection:

Deca Durabolin is commercially accessible in the dosage form of injectable which has to be administered by a healthcare provider into the large muscles. The general recommended dosage of Deca Durabolin is 200-600mg per week for males while in females a much smaller dose of 50-100mg a week is suggested. For the purpose of muscle growth, this injection should be administered in combination with Anabol and Testosterone, once or twice a week.


Opposing factors with Deca Durabolin Injection:

A person having any of the underlying medical conditions is not supposed to pursue therapy with Deca Durabolin injection:

  • Ephrotic syndrome
  • Prostate cancer
  • Male breast cancer
  • Breast carcinoma in women with hypercalcemia
  • Severe atherosclerosis
  • Acute and Chronic liver disease
  • Hypersensitivity to the drug


Adverse effects associated with Deca Durabolin injection:

A user while using Deca Durabolin may experience some adverse effects:

  • acne
  • headache
  • pain at the site of application
  • nausea
  • changes in sexual drive
  • hoarseness of the voice, increased facial and body hairs in females
  • irregular menstrual cycle


Preventive measures that a user needs to keep in mind while using Deca Durabolin Injection:

  • A pregnant or breastfeeding women is not recommended to use this injectable.
  • Stay away from boozing alcohol.

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