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Finacea - Aziderm - Azelaic Acid Cream 20%

Finacea - Aziderm - Azelaic Acid Cream 20%

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Aziderm is a phenomenal cream which helps patients suffering from mild to moderate acne to overcome it influentially and thus in gaining a luminous skin tone. It consists of generic Azelaic Acid which is a naturally occurring acid and assists skin to renovate itself swiftly and thus curtails pimples and blackhead formation. This renowned cream also aids in killing the bacteria that is chargeable for inducing acne and rosacea.


Action mechanism of Aziderm Cream 20%:

The crucial ingredient present in Aziderm cream i.e. Azelaic acid belongs the class of medications named as dicarboxylic acids which illustrate its action via interfering with the growth and development of bacteria and thus ultimately by killing them. It is beneficial in obstructing bacteria causing acne-promoting fatty acids. It suppresses the growth of new skin cells titled as comedones, therefore countering the further spread of acne.


Method of application of Aziderm Cream 20%:

Wash your hands and clean your affected skin region with a mild soap. Take out a small amount of 20% Aziderm cream and start applying it on the affected skin region in the form of a thin layer. Wash your hands again after applying the cream. Follow this way of application two times in a day i.e. once in the morning and one at bedtime. You need not to cover the treated skin region with any absorbent or gauze bandage. Following this treatment up to 4 weeks you will commence experiencing enhancement in your symptoms.


Incompatible factors with Aziderm Cream 20%:

  • A patient who possesses allergic reactions to Azelaic Acid or propylene glycol should not use this cream.
  • Do not apply this cream on the skin which is affected with eczema, chapped, sunburned, irritated, broken or windburned.


Noxious effects associated with Aziderm Cream 20%:

While using Aziderm cream a patient may suffer from its mild and temporary noxious effects such as stinging, burning, tingling, or itching of the skin.


Preventive steps to be remembered with Aziderm Cream 20% use:

  • Avert getting this drug content into your eyes, lips, and nose and if by mistake happen so then rapidly rinse them with water.
  • Evade using any another medicated product on the treated skin region unless your doctor advised you to do so.
  • Pregnant or nursing women should take physician’s advice formerly using Aziderm cream.

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