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Finacea-Aziderm-Azelaic Acid Cream 10%

Finacea-Aziderm-Azelaic Acid Cream 10%

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Aziderm is a distinguished topical preparation that has become the first choice of people when it comes to combating the distress of mild to moderate acne. This potent cream is made up of generic Azelaic Acid that is a naturally occurring acid and helps skin to repair itself quickly and hence suppresses the production of pimples and blackheads on the skin. Moreover, it also helps in killing the bacteria which is liable for causing acne and rosacea. With the adequate use of this worthy cream people acquires brightening and acne free skin.


Mechanism of action of Aziderm Cream 10%:

A major ingredient Azelaic acid falls under the group of medications dicarboxylic acids. It works by hampering the growth and development of bacteria and thus finally by killing them. It is favorable in curbing bacteria which is accountable for producing acne-promoting fatty acids. It arrests the growth of new skin cells called as comedones, hence averting the additional spread of acne.


Method of application of Aziderm Cream 10%:

Clean away your skin region to be treated with a mild soap and water. Wash your hands and after getting your skin dry squeeze out a small amount of Aziderm Cream. Apply it to your skin using your fingertips in the form of thin film. Wash your hands again. Do not use a bandage or any other absorbent to cover up the treated skin unless it is suggested by your doctor. Apply this cream twice a day, once in the morning and once at bedtime.


Conflicting factors with Aziderm Cream 10%:

A patient having the skin condition such as eczema, windburned, dry, sunburned, chapped, irritated, or broken skin should not use Aziderm topical. Patients hypersensitive to Azelaic Acid or to any other ingredients present in cream also not permitted to use Aziderm cream.


Adverse effects of Aziderm Cream 10%:

Aziderm is a well-tolerated topical cream however in rare cases it may produce some pernicious effects that include burning, tingling, stinging or itching of the skin.


Certain Do’s and Don’ts to be kept in mind with Aziderm Cream 10%:

  • Rapidly rinse your eyes, nose, and mouth with water if unintentionally drug content gets in any of them during application.
  • Skip using any another medicated skin product alongside Aziderm unless your doctor suggests you any.

Physician’s advice should be taken earlier using this topical in a pregnant or lactating woman.

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