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Strattera 40mg 60mg for ADHD

Strattera 40mg 60mg for ADHD

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Strattera capsule encompasses Generic Atomoxetine, which is competent in administration and treating the condition of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Along with other action option of societal, and psychosomatic, Strattera is a very effectual choice. This medication is used in adults and children under medical administration.


How it Works?

Strattera comprising Atomoxetine influence the brain chemicals and the nerves that supply to desire control and hyperactivity. It is supposed that Strattera medicine is a careful inhibitor of transportation of pre-synaptic nor epinephrine neurotransmitter. Consequently, Strattera (Atomoxetine) is a non-stimulant drug that treats hyperactivity in kids, adolescent, and adults.


Dosing Plan of Strattera-

Strattera available in capsule form with 40mg and 60mg of dosing strengths. The patients have to take the pill with water for once in the day either in the daybreak or in the late afternoon. The drug can be taken prior to or subsequent to the food ingestion.

The recommended dose for children and teenagers (up to 70 kg), an preliminary dose of 0.5 mg/kg body weight is given and the dose can be comprehensive after 3 days but in separated doses with a utmost limit of dose to 1.2 mg/kg/day.

The optional dose for children and adolescents (over 70 kg), begin with the initial dose of 40 mg and this can be augmented after 3 days but in alienated doses. The utmost dose that can be taken in a day must not go beyond the dose of 100mg.


DO NOT use the Strattera in case of below mentioned Contraindications -

  1. DO NOT give Strattera to persons with a medical history of suicidal thoughts, gloominess, abnormal behavior, or drug abuse.
  2. Strattera (Atomoxetine) should not be taken if you are on any other medicine.
  3. Pregnancy and lactation are opposing conditions for the use of Strattera drug.
  4. Persons with heart problems, sensitive reactions to Strattera, glaucoma, cancer of the adrenal gland and other therapeutic issues are some paradoxical conditions for the use of Strattera drug.


Side effects of Strattera-

  • Nausea, faintness, and lethargy
  • Dry mouth, chest soreness
  • Constipation, feeling ill-tempered
  • A cough or itch
  • Sleeping troubles, mood swings
  • Increase in menstrual cramps
  • Chest pain or lack of feeling


Noteworthy precautions while using Strattera-

  • The patients have to take standard visits to the medical doctor to take a ensure on behavior while taking Strattera medicine.
  • Take caution while driving or performing any such act that requirements attentiveness because you may have exaggerated thinking or reactions after the Strattera medicine.
  • Never merge your Strattera medicine with intoxicating beverages.

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