Erex 100mg is one of the front runner medications that are in practice globally for managing erectile dysfunction condition in adult males. Medication is simple and promises great benefits if used carefully as per precautions.


  • This sort of sexual life improvement pills are only valid for use in adult males and it is not suitable for consumption by women. Female may use Lady Viagra or any similar medication for enjoying better and passionate love moments.


  • Benefits of oral pills of Erex and other similar medicines are really amazing and are impactful for turning down noxious effects of erectile dysfunction in a relationship. But, don’t to forget that this is a medicinal product and therefore it must be introduced following a prescription. Confirm diagnosis as per symptoms and tendency of erectile failure is necessary before starting ED medications to avoid any ill effects on health later.


  • During use of Erex oral pill therapy for improving poor penile moves, avoid using congenital QT prolongation.


  • The medication with Erex may cause unwanted trouble for health if the user has cardiovascular disease of any type, suffering with hepatic impairment, going through renal dialysis, positive with retinitis pigmentosa like rare disease or other retinal disorders. This is why it is important to start oral ED pills in direction of a medical professional after discussing present prescription details and health conditions.


  • The use of Erex 100mg pill is not valid for use in patents having anatomical penile deformation or is predisposition to priapism. In such cases, transplantation of genital like intense treatment can only provide hope for recovery from ED.


  • These sort of oral pills are safe and convenient for use, in general. If someone starts to notice sudden vision change or hearing loss like conditions, the medicine must be stopped immediately.


  • User doesn’t have to follow any medication schedule or instructions of use to get bigger benefits with this sort of medications. One can have the oral pill in suggested dose once in a day with plain water without chewing or crushing. This is the simplest form of medicine promising highest level of satisfaction for males suffering with erectile dysfunction.


  • User may take the pill with or without having meals conveniently as effectiveness and working of medicine is not get affected by presence of food. However, based on studies high fatty meals and alcoholic drinks are suggested as avoidable while taking Erex pills due to possibilities of delaying medicinal effects.


  • When taking Erex therapy restrain to use any other similar product. The concomitant use of two different products for improving poor genital performance can cause severe side effects to the health of the user.


  • For getting desired benefits, proper storing of your Erex pack is also important. Make sure to put it inside an airtight container free from moisture. Also place your pack where it can’t get exposed to direct sunlight and heat. Keep it safe from reach of children and pets.


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