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Avana 200MG

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A quick overview of Avana 200mg:

Avana is a perfect formula for men who struggle with the hassle of erectile dysfunction in their sensual life as this medication revivifies their ability to gain or hold a firm erection whilst sensual act. Through circulating the satisfactory blood amount in the male penile region this medication breaks the barrier of soft erection from male’s sensual life and permit him to perform gratifyingly in bed with the partner with having a sturdy erection. It comprises of generic Avanafil as its main therapeutic agent.


Mechanism of action of Avana 200mg:

Avana is a member of PDE-5 inhibitors category of medications which demonstrates its remedial action by ceasing the functioning of enzyme PDE-5. As PDE-5 enzyme is liable for carrying out the degradation of cGMP, its blockage leads to the accumulation of a copious sum of cGMP which brings dilation of the clogged penile arteries. As a result, sufficient blood amount enters the erectile organ and build a firm erection.


Dosing procedure of Avana 200mg:

The most beneficial dose strength of Avana is 200mg. A man is counseled to engulf a single Avana pill by mouth with a copious sum of water. The best suited time to engulf this medication is approx. 60 minutes prior having intercourse. The drug will commence exerting its therapeutic effects after 15-20 minutes of its ingestion which will roost for the continual 4-6 hours which is sufficient for a day. Thus, a man need not exceed the dosing frequency more than once in a day.


Incompatible factors with Avana 200mg:

Avana is contraindicated to be used in a man who is having any of the below mentioned medical ailment:

  • pulmonary arterial hypertension
  • high or low blood pressure
  • kidney disorder
  • hepatic impairment
  • bleeding disorder
  • retinitis pigmentosa
  • heart disease


Annoying effects of Avana 200mg:

As there is no medicine which is free of undesirable effects, Avana also may cause its user to experience some annoying effects:

  • headache
  • stuffy or a runny nose
  • back or muscle pain
  • wooziness
  • facial flushing
  • drowsiness


Precautionary measures essential to be followed with Avana 200mg:

  • Boys beneath 18 years of age are not supposed to gulp this medicine.
  • Eschew the intake of oil-rich meals, grapefruits or its juice.
  • Evade drinking alcohol as its ingestion may cause some undesirable effects of medicine to become severe.
  • After engulfing Avana stay yourself away from carrying out any attention demanded task such as driving, machinery work etc.

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